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Welcome to the home of Wolverine Football Training!  

Wolverine Football Training Inc. We provide athletes between the ages of 8 and 18 with a safe place to get physically active and make connections with their peers. We are a non-profit organization registered within Saskatchewan. Our core function is football training. We focus on building athletes of the future; here they will be challenged. We are here to begin a journey, that journey is to prepare the athlete for the next level of play where they will become an elite player for their age and position. Our goal at Wolverine Football Training is to equip the athletes with the tools and knowledge that will help them succeed, not only in the field but in life as well. The journey starts with teaching the athletes football is not just drills, we need to focus on speed, agility, strength, these are just as important as skill and technique. We focus on the whole package to achieve a well-rounded athlete. Our training program focuses on two phases of athletes that we work with. The first phase is athletes that currently play football whether it is Regina Minor Football, or High School. These athletes we focus on the next level of play.

Our focus is building athletes of the future, and leaders of the community by providing children with the opportunity for sport, education, and mentorship. In building that mission we envision Wolverine Football Training Inc. being a recognized leader in football training and the community through our leadership, mentorship, and development. Our program is a prominently 30-week program, athletes attend once a week for 2 hours, November to May.