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Our Head Coach for our training facility and football team is Justin Nagy. Justin has coached many years of youth sports, it started in 2003 where he started coaching basketball. He has coached within Regina Community Basketball Association, O’Neill High School Jr. Boys, and Riffle Highschool Jr. Boys. Justin has been coaching minor football for three years and is working to be NCCP certified. To date he has taken Safe Contact, Making Head way in Football, mental health in sport, NCCP emergency action plan, NCCP make ethical decisions, understanding teen dating violence, and has continued to work on his Criminology and Police science degree.

Justin has also completed the NCCP position coaching training and just need to be evaluated. Justin is the main coach for the training and will be the main coach for the football team. He will build his coaching staff which will be made up of current Regina Minor Football coaches along with current CFL players.  All coaches that lead a program must provide criminal records check with a vulnerability check.

Guest coaches are brought in periodically over the course of the program. Our guest coaches are through our partnership with Front 7 and are all current or retired CFL players.

Our Training Rules:

  1. Must attend sessions and be on time
  2. If you are going to miss a session let the coach or Manager know ahead of time. Many of our drills are based on how many players are at each session
  3. Must respect teammates, guest coaches, and guest speakers
  4. Respect and take care of our equipment

Our Coaching Philosophy:

  1. Prioritize Training Time (Planned out to the minute).
  2. Limit standing around, keep player busy during training.
  3. Focus on techniques, fundamental blocking and tackling (not calisthenics)
  4. Progression Teaching: Techniques broken into small steps. Isolate steps and use “Freeze” method.
  5. Positive Correction: “That was good, here is how you could do it even better”
  6. Visual teaching: Limit talking - demonstration is best.
  7. Challenge each athlete just so they are slightly out of their comfort zone, that new zone will eventually become their comfort zone


  1. I will set a good example by modeling the same basic expectations set for players and parents. If an expectation is reasonable for a parent or player, I should also be expected to follow those same standards.
  2. I will train high ethical standards and only direct to play within the rules.
  3. I will do everything I can to best prepare athletes for the situations they will face. We will train to thoroughly cover situations so that athletes are positioned to succeed.
  4. I will have clear, written rules and expectations for players, parents, and coaches. It is unfair to all if the rules and expectations are not in writing.
  5. I will consistently enforce the club’s rules. While severity, frequency and context will matter, it is important to enforce rules fairly.
  6. I will have clear, written expectations for players regarding team philosophy and approach. This will be known as the Players Creed.  Beyond rules, Athletes need to have a clear understanding of how we will consistently approach training.
  7. I will consciously provide more positive than negative reinforcement. I understand that this significantly impacts a athlete’s passion to play the game and ability to learn.
  8. I will treat all kids fairly, including my own. I will do my best to evaluate athletes in an unbiased light.
  9. I will treat all our athletes with the respect they deserve. My role is to teach the game of football and some life lessons along the way. These are athletes developing into young adults, and they all deserve my respect.
  10. I will always be physically and mentally prepared. I will provide proper equipment and do my best to prepare the athlete for any situation at any time.
  11. I will arrive early and be sure that I am prepared prior to athletes arriving. Athletes should never wait for their coach to arrive with equipment and instruction.
  12. I will always enforce safety, including but not limited to proper use of equipment. Drills will be assigned with safety in mind, Injuries occur due to bad technique with no correction. WE will always correct an Athlete to mitigate the risk of Injury prior to continuing training.
  13. I will clearly communicate schedules with families in a timely manner. I will use timely email, text messaging, software, handouts or whatever means necessary to keep families properly informed.
  14. I will promote an environment where I am approachable for fair and open discussions with players and parents. It is important that athletes and parents see their coach as someone they can approach with an open dialog.
  15. Evaluations Repots. I will complete evaluations reports after completion of each month of training. I will do my best to have these evaluations out with 2 weeks after completion of the hours.

I will always do my best to follow these rules. While I am not expected to be perfect and we will all have our weak moments, the main thing is that I will make a consistent effort to help nurture a positive environment for all.